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I have decided to follow the airline industry in the United States. The results of increasing jet fuel costs have led the airline industry into a financial crisis. This has brought about mergers, acquisitions and possible government regulations. Airlines are looking for any possible cost savings they can think up. For travelers this has brought about nothing short of a migraine. Follow me as I utilize my information retrieving tools to provide you with some background of the industry and the current events. I will provide you with instructions that will allow you to efficiently follow the industry and all the headlines correlated with it.


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Delays to be delayed (by laytosplaytosp)
The week of 11/24/08:
Safety Measurements Still Taking Place (by laytosplaytosp)
The week of 11/18/08:
Bad news for the industry... (by laytosplaytosp)
The week of 11/10/08:
Delta and Northwest Join Forces (by laytosplaytosp)
The week of 10/29/08:
Your flight a la cart (by laytosplaytosp)
The week of 10/6/08:
Safety Restrictions (by laytosplaytosp)
The week of 10/2/08:
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