RSS Evaluation

RSS Feeds in BlogRoll

In evaluating the various RSS feeds that I used in my Bloglines account you want to focus primarily on the RSS feeds located under the folder labeled "BIT Travel Services." Under this folder you will find all the RSS feeds that I utilized in order to stay up to date with the changes in the airline industry.

The feeds that I found most useful were: AIA dailyLead, Airline Industry from Newser, Yahoo! Finance, and Meta Search Alerts. I did not utilize the other RSS feeds very much. Each of those source's were not as valid to my purpose as I had first intended. It would be best for me to go back as redefine or delete these, but I wanted to provide you with some examples of poor source's so you could learn from my mistakes. I am going to break down each of the sources that I found valid below

  • AIA dailyLead: Fairly useful for tracking general industry changes, but not quite as focused on just the airline industry
  • Airline Industry from Newser: This was the best! I used this on many occasions and visited it very frequently. It provided the most valuable, relevant information on the airline industry and from vary credible sources. For example, USA Today and WSJ.
  • Yahoo! Finance: Was good, but not great.
  • Meta Search Alerts: Found through Yahoo pipes, this can tend to be a bit confusing if you are new to this type of stuff. It searched, Findory, Flickr, Google Blog Search, Google News, Google Search, Icerocket, Live Search, Technorati, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Search. Very efficient and useful. Provided images as well! May take some practice in order to get used to it, but once you do you will be able to use this as very efficient delivery of RSS feeds.


  • The Independent
  • Upcheer
  • Airlines
  • USA Today (have to redefine)

What to expect

My BIT 330 professor once noted very wisely that, "The Internet is changing all of the time. New resources are being added at a phenomenal pace in millions of different sites. You can't keep up with everything on your own. You need help." Well help has arrived in the form of an RSS Feed. RSS feeds are very useful in that they save time and attention.


You will find RSS feeds to be your savior when it comes to tracking the airline industry changes. To begin I recommend choosing an online feed reader. For example, I used Bloglines and found it to be very useful. You are not limited to Bloglines, there are a lot of people who use Google Reader. Then whenever you find useful resources look for the little RSS feed symbol or if you use Bloglines I suggest adding the "Sub with Bloglines" tool to your toolbar. This allows for seamless syncing of RSS feeds to your feeder.

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