Information Resources

What tools can you use to help yourself?

The tools that you can use to help yourself with the background information/status portion of the airline industry are…

  • Web Search Engines:
          • Name: Google
          • Access: Google
          • Frequency: Not necessary to frequently visit
          • Information: From this tool I was able to find an adequate amount of useful information regarding the history of the airline industry. Returned recognizable sites like wikipedia and information from college databases (Duke, Stanford, and MIT). Returned 1,060,000 results may be a bit overwhelming with this many sites returned. Takes time to sort through the relevant sites.
          • Query: History of the Airline Industry
          • Evaluation: 9
          • Relevant Sites: Duke Library, Stanford
  • Deep Web resources
          • Name: Google Scholar, Scirus, and bNet
          • Access: (above)
          • Frequency: not necessary to frequently visit
          • Information: The information returned through this resource was useful in learning about the background information of the airline industry, especially the history and the effects of deregulation.
          • Query: intitle:"airline industry"
          • Evaluation:8
          • Relevant sites:;col1 reason useful: survey about customers travel experiences. airline industries in more than just financial trouble.
          • Miscellaneous: The Deep Web resources are helpful when you are looking for academic resources, pages consisting of primarily audio, video, and images, or real time information.
  • Mailing lists
          • Name: The Mail Archive
          • Access: The thread in The Mail Archive
          • Frequency: Whenever you have a question you are hoping to get answered
          • Information: A thread between individuals discussing the deregulation of the airlines and the current state of the industry
          • Query: "deregulation in airlines"
          • Evaluation: 9
  • Podcasts & videos
          • Name: Truveo, Blinkx, and YouTube
          • Access: Truveo, Blinkx, and YouTube
          • Frequency: Not all too frequent
          • Information: The information you can find through videos varies. There are many news reports, but on YouTube I found relevant videos on the history of the industry.
          • Query: "airline industry history"
          • Evaluation: 9
          • Relevant: Econoutlook same author of video on history. He has a great collection of other relevant airline industry information.
          • Miscellaneous: I did not find Podcasts to be all too valid in my research.
  • Images
          • Name: Exalead, Google Images, and Flickr
          • Access: Exalead, Google Images, and Flickr
          • Frequency: Whenever have a report due or blog assignment
          • Information: Images can provide an array of information from charts to just general images of the air carriers.
          • Query: "airline industry"; "airline industry history"; "deregulation in airlines"
          • Evaluation: 10

These tools we not as much valid as the above in retrieving the airline industry background information.

  • Web directory entries: This is a good resource if you are just starting out on a new project.
  • Blogroll (containing relevant RSS feeds)
  • Special RSS tools (pipes, etc.)
  • Page monitors
  • Tag site

The main reason for the above resources being less valid is because they are stronger in different areas. For example, they are better in returning information regarding news stories or recent changes in the industry.

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