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Getting the Facts Straight


In compiling the information about the airline industry background information I used various tools. The resources used for finding the industry history are much different than the ones that you will use for finding on-going developments in the industry. This is mainly because of the time of information you are hoping to find vary in great degree. The techniques I utilized in this case were also different. The amount of time that you have to attend to these sites tends to be less in comparison to industry updates. I will provide you with which tools I found useful and which tools I recommend you avoid for efficiency reasons.


  • Time Line: Through my research to find relevant information about the airline industry's history I used the general web search:

Primary sources: Stanford's overview of "The Airline Industry" and Duke's "Brief History of the U.S. Airline Industry". I used the query in Google "allintitle:airline industry history" and retrieved the Duke's library resource, which is very much credible since it is a university based site. Using simply "airline industry history" I retrieved a million results, but on the first page found the Stanford overview, similar to the Duke source it is based out of a university site.

  • Video of History: In finding the video on the airline industry history I visited several sites including Truveo, Blinkx, and YouTube. Through my query of "airline industry history" I found YouTube to actually provide the most relevant results.
  • Deregulation: This particular topic of the airline industry is very important to understand. I provided for you various tools that I believe you may find useful. In addition I listed tools to avoid.

Mail listings:

  • The Mail Archive: If you have a question about deregulation in the airline industry I would recommend visiting:

The Deep Web:

  • Google Scholar: This gives good general overview of the deregulation in the airline industry. It is an academic journal.

  • Scirus:

  • bNet:


  • The chart that I provided came from Exalead with the query: “deregulation in airlines.” That is not the only useful image search resource. Throughout my report I used images from: Google Images and Flickr.

My CSE: located under the "Basics" tab.

Not useful:

  • Web directory search: yahoo directory and DMOZ query: deregulation of airlines
  • Yahoo Groups: there was actually two groups, with 5 members each, but there was only one post. Wasn’t very useful
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