Video Search

My initial thoughts on video search was simply…YouTube. Who knew there was more video searching tools than YouTube? YouTube has become the Google for video searches. I never thought that it could be useful or incorporated in my academics. That was until I took the lovely BIT 330 class. BIT 330 gave videoing searching a whole new meaning to me. There are many different tools for finding relevant videos. Today I describe one of the video searching tools and how it is applicable to my term project.


When I began my video search I did not think that I would find many videos that could be taken seriously. When I think of YouTube videos I think of my friends and I searching for videos like:

I didn't think there was many sites out there that had videos that could be taken seriously or videos that I would find useful for my term project. That was until I learned about Truveo. Right now there are about 500,000 daily visitors (thanks Google Trends and Professor Moore). Before this class I had never previously heard of Truveo, but it proved to be one of the coolest sites.

I searched for my query of "airline industry" not expecting to find much. Was I ever shocked when 1,550 videos were returned. From the first glance of the results returned many of the videos seemed applicable. I provided a screen shot of my results returned screen. I will discuss some of the useful characteristics of Truveo.


The first characteristic that stood out most to me was the different tabs at the top of the screen labeled: "Top Ranked," "Most Viewed This Week," "Most Viewed This Month," "Most Viewed of All Time," and "Most Recent." That proved to be very useful. In addition at the bottom of the window was "Featured Channels" pictured below.


That totally blew my mind. I could not believe how useful and efficient that made searching.

When I was browsing over my returned results I found many of the videos very relevant. There were several of them that I plan on using as support for my history of the airline industry. In addition, there were various videos that touched on the industry's struggles. For example, the video entitled "Airline industry's struggles". It is from a reliable source and reported by NBC's Anne Thompson.

The various video search results that are relevant to the airline industry will greatly assist me in making my wiki site not so mundane and one-dimensional. It's these cool tools of Truveo that I believe will make its traffic increase and that it will be stinking around for awhile.

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