How 'Bout Them Cowboys

How 'Bout Them Cowboys!


After a tragic loss this week I decided to search for the latest news reactions about the Dallas Cowboys. I know, I know how can I be a Dallas Cowboys fan? Especially since I am from small town Pennsylvania. I can't help myself ever since the early 1990's dream team with players like Aikman, Smith, Irwin, and Everett. Too many greats to name. I will admit I don't follow every Cowboys game, but the games I enjoy the most are when they play the Eagles because everyone in my town is die hard and I just love when the Cowboys beat up on the Eagles. I decided to do a search on the Dallas Cowboys using different news search tools.

Google News

First, I decided to do a search on the Dallas Cowboys on Google news. The results returned were organized in sections by various newspapers. For example: Dallas Morning News and Washington Post. The majority of the 20,896 results returned were relevant to the Dallas Cowboys. There was an array of results returned pertaining to the loss against the Washington Redskins last week. I enjoyed that Google gave a blog option on the left side navigational bar.

LexisNexis News

I did a similar search in LexisNexis as the Google News and the process was rather interesting. On the homepage I put in my "Dallas Cowboys" query and it returned a page not found. So, I decided to go back to the homepage and under the "Headlines" I located the "Sports" section. Once I was was in the Sports section I found an "NFL" tab and clicked on it. From there I tried my search again.

Of the first twenty-five results returned on the first page only ten of them were relevant. The interface of LexisNexis is not has user-friendly as Google News. A majority of the articles came from "The Sports Network." Most of those articles were just box scores from the several weeks of NFL play.


If the Cowboys are going to live up to their Superbowl potential they need to bounce back from this loss. Then again in 1995 when the Cowboys won the Superbowl they were swept by the Redskins, maybe this season will bring similar success! I'm hoping this week is better for the Cowboys than the last when they face the Cincinnati Bengals. In a side-by-side comparison of Google News and LexisNexis, LexisNexis fell pretty short. Google seems to just never fail.

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