Cherry Hill Village Image Search

This past class we learned the ins and outs of image searches. Various tools were introduced and I decided to compare my results from Google Images to Compfight. The query I ran in both of the image search tools was "Cherry Hill Village." You may be wondering why I chose that as my query. Well, the timing of this class could not have been more perfect. In my American Cultures class that I am taking this semester we are learning about the effects of American Suburbia. There is an interesting Traditional Development Neighborhood in Canton, Michigan called Cherry Hill Village that attempts to reverse the negative effects of suburbia. I had to make a visual argument about Cherry Hill Village and found these image search tools to be very helpful. Here's why…

Google Image:


Google, the first choice of the amateur Web searcher. That's me. But, throughout the course I am starting to consider myself closer and closer to being an efficient searcher. Naturally, I started my search in Google Image. My query of "Cherry Hill Village" returned fairly relevant images. Google Image provided several different options to narrow my search: to search by size, color, and content. These all proved to be very helpful while I was searching for images to help create a masterful argument that would amaze my professor. In addition to running the search based solely on images Google Image gave me the choice to run my query on the web, which was useful for finding general information on Google about Cherry Hill Village.

The first image returned by Google Image I did not find any relevancy to my topic. I was surprised that this would be the first image listed. As I searched throughout the returned results I was pleasantly pleased with the results. I was searching for the different types of housing styles in Cherry Hill Village and found several different examples. For example, there is the single family homes, townhouses, and apartment complexes. All of which Google Image returned for me within the first two pages of results.

Compfight: compfight_logo.png

Next, I decided to see how Compfight fared again Google Image. Compfight is am image-specific search engine, that is a flickr search tool. I ran the same query, "Cherry Hill Village" in Compfight. It returned 31 images "for most interesting." The images were of beautiful quality, which I felt as though the results returned from Google Image were lacking. All of the results returned were relevant to my topic! I was very happy about this because I needed as many relevant images as I could find. I wanted images of the different elements that make up Cherry Hill Village because I was planning on taking the images I found and making them into a puzzle. I found pictures of the sidewalks in Cherry Hill Village. I could not find any pictures of just the sidewalks in Google Image. I couldn't get over the clarity of each of the photos. It made it appear as though I took the pictures myself. (I was hoping this would impress my professor).

There wasn't as many options to narrow down my results, but I didn't find the need to utilize such options. I thought in the grand scheme of things this would be a con for Compfight since my query was so specific it didn't return quite as many results, but for a more general topic not having different ways to narrow the results down. In the end I was able to use several of the results returned by Compfight for my project.



Overall, in my battle between Google Images and Compfight I would have to say the winner is Compfight. I was pleased with the results returned for several reasons. The quality of the images was much better and the relevancy of the results. Google Images did provide better tools to narrow down my results though. Although Google Images returned more results, which needed this option of narrowing down results it still fell short in terms of relevancy. I plan on using Compfight for my next American Cultures project and my BIT term project. Thanks Compfight you made my lacking in creativity not quite as visible to my professor and colleges!

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