Keeping up with the ongoing events occurring in the airline industry will be fairly straightforward with the list I provide below for you. My hopes are to leave you with great information that will leave you feeling on top of matters. I never want you to be the "overwhelmed" type.

How to Keep Up


With the news continuously being reported there may be times that you will feel overwhelmed, but don't with great tools like bloglines and RSS feeds there is no reason to. Below I list several great tools at your disposal for staying up-to-date with the current airline industry happenings.

  • BlogRoll: I provided my BlogRoll containing several RSS feeds that I subscribed to through my Bloglines account. You will find this very useful as you are tracking the changes in the airline industry. The tab on the top of the menu bar labeled "BlogRoll" is where this is located. In addition you will find a description of the various RSS feeds located in my BlogRoll. I provided you suggestions of which are the most relevant and pertinent to follow.
  • Page Monitors: Some useful websites are considered "dumb" websites simply because they are not RSS feed enabled. A useful way around this is a page monitor. The tools to utilize when you are creating a page monitor are: and Track Engine. Although, through my research I did not find page monitors to be all together necessary. This tool was a big hit about five years ago. I found email alerts much more useful because with page monitors you can't monitor the whole site just specific pages.
  • Email Alerts: Email alerts proved to be very useful and efficient during my research. I highly recommend you set email alerts. There are three general email alert services: Yahoo Alerts, Google Alerts, and GoogleAlert. A very useful tool with email alerts is the "plus addressing" services. "Plus addressing" is when tell them that your address is "address"+moc.liamg|reifitnedIyreuQemos#moc.liamg|reifitnedIyreuQemos instead of the normal address. This is particularly useful if you set up a Google Alerts service. Under the "Airline Industry" tab you will find a screen shot of my email alerts. There you will find a description of the email alerts that I used, the page from which I subscribed to it, why it is useful, and any keywords that I used to generate it.
  • My CSE==> "Basics" tab

The Process

The process of tracking the on-going developments in the airline industry at first was a bit frustrating for me. I had to learn "practice makes perfect." Having little knowledge of the most efficient tools to use in delivering me the latest stories was very time consuming. There were times I would have to spend hours upon end trying to keep myself on track. I would clink link to link and then end up in a long, lost trail of web searching inefficiency. In following news stories you want to focus primarily on the above resources. I would avoid:

  • Web Directories: These are primarily good starting points, but I have provided you with enough information throughout my site that you should not need to utilize a web directory.
  • The Deep Web: The deep web is not as useful in finding on-going developments. If you are looking for background information especially from journals/academics this resource may be a possible tool to utilize. I would recommend not using Google Scholar, but bNet.
  • Web Pages: Web pages can be useful in following news stories, but I found there is can just be an overload of information. I provided you with a search syntax help page. This will provide you with tools for searching efficiently.

Many of the RSS feeds that I subscribed I found using RSS feed databases that came with searches (i.e. Bloglines). That was not the only way that I came about relevant RSS feeds there are tools such as Syndic8. In addition, many web pages are RSS-enabled this provided to be where I found the most of my RSS feeds. Having the "Sub with Bloglines" tool on my toolbar allowed for me to efficiently create RSS feeds.

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